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About Phytomisan

Natural beauty, wellness, well-being and food supplements products to liberate the body and soul

A passion for natural medicine

Nature has always played a vital role in preserving health and curing diseases, providing long-term relief with no side effects thanks to its natural benefits.

Phytomisan is the result of a great success of many years of research on plants, a range of products including high quality and results of millions of consumers have led today to this tremendous success following incomparable nutritional value.

The benefits of plants

Dr. Shahid Nasim, (Former Physician of various hospitals) has always been fascinated by health and natural medicine. He began to wonder how his predecessors would have once treated their patients, to find the answer to this question, he thus embarked on a study of ancient literature on the subject. 

Based on his readings of old manuscripts, he selected over 300 different plants from those books and ran his research on the virtues they contained, combining both ancient knowledge and modern science.

After four years of research, he began formulating his herbal products, creating a range of organic beauty, well-being & food supplements products.

Choosing only the highest quality herbs, he came up with a range that was perfect for clients looking for natural products that are not tested on animals. Phytomisan products adhere to strict manufacturing standards that guarantee complete safety and optimal efficiency.

Natural products for the ultimate well-being experience

Day after day we face the various discomforts that prevent us from living life to the full, from stress and fatigue to pressure. Phytomisan is a range of treatments with soothing and therapeutic qualities.

Formulated with vegetable, pure essential oils and Dietary Supplement of plant extracts, these products become part of your daily routine, providing you with relief, healing, relaxation, comfort and well-being.

International development

Today Phytomisan products are distributed on the French market, German, English, Canadian and Moroccan by Phytomisan France, Head office and its 6 branches: Phytomisan Germany, Phytomisan Switzerland, Phytomisan UK, Phytomisan Morocco, Phytomisan Spain & Phytomisan Canada and in others countries. Due to the appreciation of the public, distribution networks were set up to meet as many customers worldwide.

Laboratory Phytomisan is looking the Dietary and Specialty Stores, Parapharmacies, Therapist resellers, and wholesalers in the countries below. If you are interested, please contact us.