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Faran Herbal Balm for hands and foots

You have dry hands and foots ? Rough skin on your body ? The Faran Natural Balm is a true miracle product for dry skin that requires deep, long-lasting moisturizing.

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Available from 01.02.2019

The Faran Natural Balm uses natural active ingredients with high performance levels that improve and encourage cell regeneration, leaving your skin supple and durably moisturized.

This body balm treats dry skin tissue on the body and face, as well as rosacea, calluses, brittle nails and itches or sores. This remarkable remedy is quickly absorbed into the skin and works instantly upon application leaving you feeling fresh and soothed. Skin is supple, soft, hydrated, revitalized and strengthened.

The Faran Natural Balm is an herbal product with no side effects. The balm contains no artificial colours and is not tested on animals.

Directions :

For maximum effectiveness, apply the Faran Natural Body Balm in a gentle massage, 2- 4 times daily, targeting the affected areas until the balm has been completely absorbed.

In case of chills, apply the balm as a massage on the chest, back, neck and under the nostrils.

Not suitable for children under six years, pregnant or lactating women.


Capacity :30g
Ingredients :Oleum Syncarpia Glomulifera (Turpentine), Eucalypti, Cinnamomum Camphora, Thymi

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