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Body Oil (1000 ml)

This oil is a combination of herbs and effective to lose weight, eliminate toxins, strengthen bones, muscles relax and give your skin a beautiful glow. Your overall well-being is improved. Sleep and concentration problems are eliminated and the immune system is strengthened and resolved tensions. 

130,00 €

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Body oil has been developed to:

  • relax muscles before and after strenuous exercise or after any physical effort that may have proved destabilizing
  • restore overall well-being after sustained intellectual effort or as a result of fatigue
  • overcome insomnia or difficulty concentrating
  • improve texture, elasticity and skin relief as well as firming skin
  • eliminate toxins and strengthen your immune system
  • relax and stimulate your body

Formulated with extracts of pure essential oils, this Body oil will delight you with its refreshing, reinvigorating effects.

Its unique, sublime fragrance will transform your massage into a moment of blissful relaxation and complete peace.

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