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Niellane (Capsules of Black Nigella Oil)

Is there a plant against almost all physical ailments? Yes! The magic word is Nigella Sativa. Held as a panacea since the time of the Pharaohs, this oil is extracted from the tiny black seeds of the white-flowered Nigella Sativa, a plant from Ranunculaceae family that has been growing in the shade of the oases as far back as the year 1000. Avicenna explores the subject and praises the oil too.

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Also known as Black Cumin, its fragrant seeds are notably used to flavour bread. Its effectiveness in strengthening the immune system and fighting against digestive problems makes it one of the more interesting nutritional supplements.

Nigella oil inhibits oxidation of cell membranes via a free-radical, anti-ageing effect, and inhibits the formation of inflammatory molecules.

It is wonderfully beneficial for the skin, particularly in reducing inflammation caused by stress, pollution, disease or ageing. It is used both internally and topically.

Oil Nigella is exceptionally rich, combining glycosides, phenolic components, carotene, minerals (phosphorus and iron), enzymes and essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic acid).

A hadith of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW) suggests that using the seeds of black cumin "is a remedy against all evils except death."


Recommendations for use :Matin et soir 2 x 2 gélules
Capacity :60 Capsules
Ingredients :Vitamin E, black cumin oil (Black Nigella Oil)

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